Secret code of love

G316 – this number has a special power. How does it work? It will create a hot atmosphere in your bedroom! Wanna start now? Get ready for something really exciting – a lot of pleasure and spiciness. This elegant and super sexy bodystocking will make you feel amazing. Discover the secret code of piquancy and love together with your lover! Black net and alluring design will show you how to do this… 

Check all details:

  • fabulous bodystocking – knitted top connected with stockings
  • halter-neck top – strap goes around the neck, so the back is exposed
  • amazing, geometric design emphasizes the bust and hips
  • sexy straps between the top and stockings
  • 3SKnit solution – our knitwear is durable and all details look perfect
  • very soft and elastic fabric – wearing comfort (90% nylon, 10% elastane)

Size: S/M/L

Tempting bodystocking g316