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Leading psychologists of the country have been studying

the preference of women in the process of choosing underwear. It turned out, as in many other things, they are primarily guided by their temperament.

Since ancient times, white underwear has been considered the privilege of young ladies of aristocratic blood. They cannot take prohibitions indifferently. Any prejudice is taken extremely condescendingly. They love to watch or even take part in theatrical performances of an intimate nature. After some time of popularity, they may well be successful in their family life. Lovers of white underwear love to flirt and in their behavior are often stubborn.

Blue lingerie is typical for enterprising women. As a rule, such ladies are ready for anything to advance their careers. It is possible to find an approach to their heart only thanks to professional qualities. Basically, they are easy prey for the hands of the company's business partners or higher-ranking officials. They believe that marriage is exclusively a duty to society and nothing else. The behavior of the intimate plan is very diligent, they can satisfy their needs with only one position throughout their life.

The so-called fatal women are content with black. In life, in fact, as in love, such beautiful ladies are too self-confident. In any place they feel comfortable enough and do not experience discomfort. Sometimes they even commit too rash acts that are taken to extremes. In bed, they prefer to dictate their own conditions. In most cases, it is because of such women that their lovers finally get drunk, lose their entire inheritance and slide down in life to the very bottom. If it has successfully come to undressing, then you will see the irresistible charms of the owner of black lingerie.

Sensual and sentimental persons prefer yellow lingerie. Such women love to immerse themselves in poetry and constantly feel the hope of romantic adventures, although almost every lady dreams of this. However, girls in yellow underwear are not as simple as they might seem at first glance. At times, when they feel bored, they love to come up with problems from scratch. Such girls bare their bodies with a little confusion and quite happily accept help in this action.

Girls who wear red underwear are trying to fill their lives with new sensations and beauty in this way. Each of their actions is aimed at, to some extent, shock everyone around them. Their behavior in an intimate relationship is quite assertive and aggressive, which is often liked by men, so they try to prove their eccentricity. In pursuit of their own pleasure, they can be overly selfish, and therefore in a love relationship they demand the impossible from a partner.

Connoisseurs of unusual pink lingerie in love relationships adhere not only to originality, but also to extraordinary imagination. This color symbolizes the sensuality of the owner's soul. Such girls produce on men just magical charm, both with their beauty and lyrical soul.

The most curious are the types of women who wear floral underwear. Such representatives of the fair sex are very inventive in intimate relationships and impulsive.

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