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What is important to know before buying lingerie

Buying underwear for a woman is a kind of anti-stress hobby, a trip to a psychologist, during which you don't have to turn your soul inside out.

We choose lace underwear for special occasions, we select an invisible set to comply with the working dress code, we are looking for a bra with which the new dress will look even more spectacular.

There are many nuances to consider when buying lingerie. We will simply list the facts, and the choice is always yours.

1. Law on the prohibition of lace lingerie

In 2012, the public was outraged at a growing rumor that the authorities wanted to ban women from wearing lace underwear. Half of the women who love lace were upset, the other half rushed to buy a lifetime supply of panties. In fact, the ban mainly concerned manufacturers and importers, who were prohibited from importing or producing fully synthetic underwear due to their poor hygroscopic properties. But a rare manufacturer creates such underwear. Cotton underwear is more comfortable to wear, but design and variety are very limited. Therefore, the gusset on the panties and the inner part of the bra cups are sewn with cotton, and the design of the underwear and the health of women does not suffer. In any case, no one can forbid you to wear any kind of underwear, the decision is up to you. But just in case, let's say, if you buy such underwear where there is more than 90% polyamide, polyester or nylon, wearing it is unhealthy for more than two hours in a row.

2. Fittings

The number of hooks on the bra serves two purposes. Firstly, it helps to adjust the underwear exactly according to your volume, and secondly, it prolongs the life of the bra. When the fabric stretches, and over time it will certainly happen, because there are no eternal fabrics, you will need a distant hook. The number of rows with hooks does not affect anything, but it is much more logical for women with large breasts to choose a bra with a triple row of hooks, and a double row is suitable for breasts ranging from A to C. Do not buy underwear with yellow fittings - they look bad and will fade after a couple of washings.

3. Types of underpants and body perception

Lingerie manufacturers and marketers try to cater to all tastes and requirements, so every year they create something new and interesting. But everyone knows the basic shapes of panties - these are classic slip, thong, tango, shorts. In addition to these types, there are others, for example, briefs, brazilianos, thongs and high waisted slips. There is a low, medium and high landing line. For each type of figure, you can find your own type of panties, which can make the figure more beautiful. The variety and availability of panties depends on the amount of body fat, and the lower the percentage of body fat, the more options for panties a woman can afford. Agree that thongs are the most harmful type of panties, they cut into the body and create ugly folds, so it is preferable to wear them only for very slender women.

4. Care of delicate products

Underwear requires a particularly careful attitude. As for the busts, here you need to build on the shape of the cups. The molded cup of the bra is the most harmful - it cannot be crumpled, squeezed and put one cup into another, for compactness. Such a cup is immediately deformed, folds are formed that cannot be removed by anything, all that remains is to throw out the bust. Low revolutions, laundry bag and delicate wash are standard advice for this and many other shapes. So that the laundry does not lose color for a long time - wash only in cold water, 30 degrees, as a rule, do not cause problems.

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