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The intimate everyday life of each couple is diverse and exciting. For some, the limit of delight is the usual missionary position under the covers, while others arrange a full-fledged performance. Why is this happening? It's simple: everyone has different temperaments and preferences. However, if stagnation has lasted in your life, then it's time to change something.

Sexy lingerie is a real weapon in the fight for male attention. It is pleasant to look at it, it is pleasant to be in it, it delights and excites the imagination. Every guy will squeak with joy if he sees his soul mate in a non-trivial way before love games. For a long time, underwear for ladies did not carry any erotic overtones. Its main responsibility is to maintain and ensure hygiene. In ancient times, various fabrics were used for this, which were wound in thin strips over the chest and thighs, and special cotton shirts, and even leather constructions. All this was not the most convenient, but necessary wardrobe item. But lingerie gained sexuality only in the 1960s. A real revolution that allowed a different look at panties and bras. Now, in order to choose lingerie, you just need to go to the store. And sexy models and kits literally attract the eye from the first minutes. But many girls are skeptical about the whole silk and lace variety. Why be smart when there are time-tested cotton underpants that do not chafe? Consider the main reasons that push young ladies to part with money for half a meter of beautifully designed fabric.


Looking at the beauties in magazines who languidly pose in attractive bodices and panties, I just want to visit them at least once. Any guy would be ready to give anything, just to be with at least one of them! But the reality is harsh - internal complexes and self-doubt prevent one from completely liberating. After all, why spend a lot of money on something that will not be as luxurious to sit on an unfashionable figure. But this is all a myth. Now there are so many varieties of sexy lingerie that you can choose a new thing for every taste and shape. Moreover, it is enough just to buy, try on, admire how you gradually begin to buy even more seductive things. The thing is that well-chosen underwear can completely hide flaws and emphasize advantages. You will look at your reflection and not believe that you have such an amazing appearance.

It all starts with yourself. And even such a part of the wardrobe as underwear can completely change the attitude towards beauty in general. Just try instead of a stretched nightie in the evening to appear in front of your husband or boyfriend in a lace set and stockings with suspenders. Stunning results are guaranteed.


Even if your figure is far from the current standards, and in the world many people can call you "plump" with a light hand, you have every chance to look at yourself in a new way. Do not forget that in the current environment, manufacturers of any product are trying to take into account the interests of all buyers. It's the same with underwear for women. Size, color, style, purpose - all this can be adjusted to fit your parameters and feel irresistible. At the same time, it is not always necessary to empty the budget for the sake of these goals. The first rule of choice is not to buy what your friends advise. Remember, each person is different, and what can look luxurious on one will be nondescript on another. Therefore, when going to the store, focus on your own feelings. However, if you still went to an expensive boutique, you can ask the consultants for help - there they usually know a lot about making the right choice. The second rule is to distinguish between simply sexy and erotic lingerie. The first can be casual, while the second is intended only for intimate meetings in the bedroom. And the difference here is visible to the naked eye - erotic lingerie is often made from the same synthetics, many beautiful but impractical decorations are added that cannot be hidden under clothes. Moreover, such underwear often does not have a cotton gusset. And its absence creates a favorable environment for the development of microbes.

Third advice - not always choosing a whole set will be the right decision. Because either the top or the bottom may not fit in size. If you have ideal body parameters, then this problem is unlikely to affect you, however, all "earthly" ladies are advised to buy a bra and panties separately. Do not worry, because in almost any store you can buy a top and they are of the same color and even style. The fourth rule - always pay attention to the material of manufacture and size. Do not rely on chance and shell out right away. Many things sit on a mannequin quite differently than on a real person. Trying on is necessary to feel exactly how a particular bodice sits on you. And the materials are of great importance.

If you plan to arrange a continuation show for your spouse for an hour in the evening at home, you can take latex, leather and guipure things. If you are planning a long dinner at a restaurant, going to a cafe or other activities preceding intimacy, then be realistic. It is better to take nice cotton panties than something terribly uncomfortable. The fifth rule is not to overdo it with colors and decorations. Sexy lingerie should be elegant, playful, exhilarating, but not vulgar or flashy. Leopard prints, cheap fake fur on panties, a lot of rhinestones and not so much place, an abundance of muddy accessories - it all looks ridiculous.

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