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Vintage lingerie is back in fashion!

Remember how Daniel Cleaver went crazy in The Diary of Bridget Jones? From her huge "grandmother" panties! Remember how he used to say: "What little shoes ... What a little black dress ... And, damn it, what big panties!" 🙂 This year, Bridget would not have to blush for her retro panties: now vintage lingerie is back in fashion! Let's talk about it in more detail.

Until recently, ladies were perplexed when they saw girls on the beach dressed in swimsuits of this kind, but today more and more women cast doubts aside and easily buy high-waisted panties. Such underwear, which came to us from the 50s of the last century, seems too modest, however, as you know, such "chastity" looks very attractive (Daniel knew what he was talking about). 🙂 Especially if it is trimmed with silk or satin, contrasting with the main color of the panties.

Which lingerie should you choose? Pattern and color

• Narrow stripes or polka dots. Such underwear is very suitable for those girls who do not seek to follow an example from bohemian ladies. And polka dots and a narrow strip are a very discreet print. By the way, if you are shy about choosing vintage panties in a regular store, you can buy underwear on the Internet - panties, bras, and a corset;

• Beige color. Vintage fashion brought beige tones to women's wardrobe. Beige underwear always looks gentle - from pale tones (there are even those that merge with the skin color) to coffee with cream;

• Jazz print. This is a print from the 1920s, the jazz era. Jazz-themed lingerie comes in rich colors such as golden yellow, blue, purple or emerald green. Such linen is sewn from satin or silk and is decorated with fringe, lace and rhinestones.

Several nuances in the choice of underwear

If you want to hide your tummy, buy super tight lycra panties. They will squeeze you in problem areas and clearly highlight the waist.

If you decide to buy a new bra, do not go down one size to add volume to your breasts. A tight bra is one of the causes of breast lumps. In addition, such underwear cuts mercilessly into the skin, which spoils its appearance. If you want to temporarily (for example, before going to a party) to visually raise your breasts, make them more magnificent, it is better to buy a push up model for such cases. The main thing is not to wear it all the time. And further. If your chest size is 3 or more, it is better to buy bras with wide straps, since narrow breasts because of the considerable weight of the chest cut painfully into the shoulders. Such models are also good for athletes.

But what are we all about panties, yes about bras? If you like vintage style, then what a vintage without a corset! It will clearly outline your figure, make it even more graceful and attractive!

Enjoy the shopping!

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