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The world's best lingerie brands.


Every woman has her own beauty secret. For fans of stylish lingerie, this is Victoria's Secret. Today the lingerie of this brand is considered one of the most seductive. With Victoria's Secret lingerie, women can add sensuality and femininity to their look. The models of this brand have everything your heart desires: bright colors, delicate fabrics, mischievous prints, classic cotton underwear. To date, more than a thousand stores of this brand have been opened in the world.

This American brand was created to awaken courage in a woman, increase her self-esteem and make her self-confident. In addition, Victoria's Secret helps men choose the right underwear set for their woman, making it easier to choose a gift. It seems that the fashion for the underwear of this brand will always be relevant.


Today, this brand sells the most provocative lingerie. Girls who want to seduce their man choose Agent Provocateur lingerie. Here it is, the embodiment of male dreams and female aspirations. Lingerie of this brand is today considered one of the most popular gifts for young seductresses and beautiful ladies of any age.

Despite the fact that the English brand Agent Provocateur is quite young, it managed to win fans all over the world. Ladies who want to be sexy and seductive choose Agent Provocateur lingerie.


This Italian brand is considered one of the most fashionable and luxurious. For almost 15 years, ID SARRIERI has been running fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York, and lingerie samples are regularly featured on the covers of the most famous fashion magazines in the world. Connoisseurs of glamor, sensuality and personality choose lingerie from this brand.


Once upon a time, Evans Damaris, the young founder of the brand, took out a bank loan to devote her life to making lingerie. At first, the designer sewed and cut the first models of women's underwear in her kitchen. Over time, her talent was appreciated and today the most famous fashion magazines in the world consider it an honor to decorate their covers with photos of Damaris underwear. At the moment, the Damaris brand is one of the best in the world, and the underwear of this brand is called royal.


The underwear of this English brand is considered one of the most elegant. Frankly Darling lingerie is considered the embodiment of innocence, wealth, originality and luxury. And it all started prosaically: a lingerie sewing company created sturdy bodices and panties from high-quality materials.


One of the most important advantages of this brand is the ability to choose underwear of any size. Ravage creates lingerie that can be worn by very skinny young ladies and ladies with very curvaceous shapes. It's not for nothing that this brand has won its fans: every girl can confidently go to the Ravage store, realizing that here she will find underwear of her size. This attention to customers has made this brand one of the most popular in the world.


This young brand is very much loved by fans of beautiful underwear in soothing colors. In addition, a pleasant democratic price for elegant and high-quality women's underwear pleases


Connoisseurs of fine lace will appreciate the fashionable art from La Perla. This Italian brand creates sophisticated and sensual lingerie. In such underwear, every woman will feel like a precious pearl.


The underwear of this brand is notable for its sensuality and unpredictability: sometimes it is playful in a youthful way, sometimes it is romantic or even funny. A distinctive feature of this brand is the highest quality fabric. Every lady dreams of such underwear.

Underwear is a special category of women's clothing. Much depends on the right choice: how the dress or any other outfit will sit, what the woman's mood will be and how she will feel. The right underwear is a magic wand that will transform any girl into a beautiful, confident, feminine and elegant lady with a gorgeous figure.


A very exclusive erotic fashion boutique for women. The store owner always collects only the best underwear, which is why the brand is famous for the presented goods as an erotic luxury.

Le Mystere

Le Mystere is an American company with a French name that produces luxury seamless underwear. Particularly appreciated is the successful, comfortable fit of the underwear, which is obtained through the use of templates that take into account all the physiological characteristics of the female figure.


Wonderbra is a well-known company for sewing beautiful and comfortable lingerie. Known for her fresh designs and great fit. Focused on young girls.

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