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The bride on her wedding day should be at her best, everything should be perfect in her. But what will happen when the day is over? Do not relax immediately. Photographers and guests will be very far away, but the main thing is that your husband will be nearby, for whom you should try to look stunning, because your first wedding night is ahead. The most important thing is your mood and self-confidence, but also the underwear in which you appear in front of your beloved will not be deprived of attention. But what should include the image of a girl on their wedding night and what lingerie to choose?

The wedding night. Lingerie options:

A set of underwear can be standard: panties and a bra.

By slightly changing the previous version, a regular bra can be replaced with a beautiful bustier.

You can put on a transparent lace robe on top. This will add some zest to your look.

A good alternative is a beautiful corset with garters. Garters ... we'll talk about them below.

A sheer lace bodysuit is a great sexy option.

How do you like this option? See-through negligee or chemise with panties.

For the most modest and, perhaps, even innocent, this option is suitable - a short satin robe. He looks cute and sexy at the same time!

Let's go back to the stocking garters. This piece of clothing is especially sexy, and this is not our opinion, but the opinion of most men. Therefore, think carefully about your image: will you put them on for the celebration itself or will you change at the moment of X, or maybe you will not wear them at all? But before answering this question, look - how beautiful it is!

Garter Bride. The most important attribute that you can leave on your wedding night. According to tradition, the groom must take it off this very night and keep it for life. Not so long ago, a new tradition appeared: the groom takes off this garter with his teeth in front of the guests and throws it away - the man who caught this attribute will go to the registry office next. If you want your party to have both, get two headbands! So, the headband that will be removed at the celebration can be made in the color and style of your wedding.

Which color should you choose?

Of course, the ideal option for the wedding night would be white underwear - the color of innocence. It looks insanely sexy, beautiful and not very catchy and defiant. But for the most daring brides, colors such as red and black, the colors of passion, may well suit. The husband will be crazy!

Whatever underwear you choose, the main thing is to feel confident. Remember, you are the most beautiful and seductive bride! Show this to your groom.

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