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The best models of women's transparent underwear and how to choose the right one

The intimate part of the ladies' toilet is multifunctional. Bras are essential in everyday wear to protect breasts from stretch marks and vibration. The cups give it a rounded, seductive shape. Models of transparent lingerie are designed to emphasize the grace of the figure, give it additional charm and seduction.

History of appearance

The name of one of the elements of the underwear comes from the German word meaning "supporting the breast". A bra in the modern sense was "born" at the beginning of the 20th century, from a corset. The frame was modified by two women: Ghosh Saro and Ida Rosenthal. The first divided the rigid form into a bodice and a belt, the second made a bodice from 2 cups.

Rosenthal organized a garment factory in America for the production of bras, standardizing sizes. Models have been improved in form and material. The sequence of innovations:

adjustable support with straps;

adjustable volume of the product due to the fastener;

support due to the cut of the cups;

push-up patent.

The supportive cut was invented by Israel Pilot, who worked for the Canadian company Canadien Lady Corset Company. Push up technology was mastered in the 60s of the 20th century. The first models had a triangular cup shape. Merlin Monroe, Gina Lollobrigida brought round, low-cut bras into fashion. There are bras for feeding a child, sports, without straps, fasteners.

The trend of 2019 is romanticism and femininity. Chiffon, guipure, lace used in styles for festive clothes and everyday wear are in fashion. Erotic models are created from transparent materials.

Product features

Transparent bras use inserts that cover the lower breast to shape.

Lace models without additional elements can only support small breasts.

The main purpose of graceful bodices is a seductive breast cover, with or without support.

Varieties of models and styles

The delicate texture of the fabric dictates the uniqueness of the cut and shape of the transparent bras.

On the corsage

Corsage is a type of outerwear. The semi-sheer bra is the upper part. Models balconette, korbei, brasier give it a seductive look.


The cup is made of transparent fabric, with wide straps, which allows you to hold the chest without affecting its shape. Comfortable style for skin and chest.


The cup is made of transparent fabric, with wide straps, which allows you to hold the chest without affecting its shape. Comfortable style for skin and chest.

Round neck

T-shirt neckline in lingerie is comfortable for everyday wear: it does not hinder hand movements, as it has a special shape of straps and a front fastener.

No seams

Seamless cups at the bra are necessary for tight-fitting clothes made of thin fabrics.


Translucent silicone models merge with the body, making bras invisible under clothes. Fly-bras have no straps or fasteners, which makes them an indispensable part of lingerie for dresses with an open back and shoulders.


Bra, the cups of which consist of 2 halves, completely covering the chest. Can be pitted / pitted. Has straps, elastic band with fastener. Does not compress the mammary glands. Maintains natural shape.


The bra has a deeply cut 2-piece cup. The top is transparent, much smaller than the bottom. The base part is made of dense material, covered with the same fabric as the top.


The cups are cut horizontally to reveal the upper chest.


Lingerie covers the breasts just above the nipples.

With push-up effect

Models of lingerie, thanks to which the breast is lifted and increased in size. Bones are sewn in for support at the bottom and side. To adjust the size and shape, there are pockets for the gel liners on the sides.

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