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Spain produces a huge amount of excellent lingerie for beautiful ladies. A large number of fashion brands annually present their amazing collections on the world market. Spanish lingerie is characterized by femininity, elegance, special cut and incredibly attractive designs. The collections are dominated by luxurious, expensive high quality materials. Seductive openwork lace, satin, delicate tulle are perfectly combined with natural cotton fibers. Flirty ruffles, lace trimmings, sensual prints, delicate embroidery and fine, delicate decorative elements are used as adornments.

On the pages of our store, there are models that are perfect for everyday wear, as well as for special occasions. Spain has presented the world with magnificent collections of delicate models created for romantic natures. They are also presented in our catalog, so that you can choose a unique underwear.

One of the most popular brands, whose homeland is Spain, is considered to be SELMARK LINGERIE. She appeared on the world market in the 70s and immediately gained popularity among Spanish fashionistas. The company annually produces many collections of luxury exquisite lingerie for ladies. It was created in order to satisfy the needs of modern women in beautiful and comfortable products.

Bras of the brand are presented in different types, they have an impeccable shape. Thanks to this, the bodices fit perfectly to the figure, emphasizing the natural beauty of the bust, creating a seductive neckline. You can also easily pick up exquisite panties for them. Products are made exclusively from high quality materials, the main thing here is lace. Collections are presented mainly in classic colors, which will always be relevant and appropriate in any look. Spain offers not only bras and panties, but also stylish stockings, belts for them, amazing sets of seductive, erotic lingerie.

Corrective models are especially popular among modern ladies. They are able to make the figure perfect and incredibly attractive in just a few seconds. Spain represents many world-famous brands that are engaged in the production of precisely formative and corrective products. With its help, you can effectively lift the chest, add volume to it, correct the line of the hips and waist. The range of products includes slimming panties, bra minimizers, models with a push-up effect, stylish models of a body with a slimming effect, shorts, corsets and more. When choosing, be sure to consider the degree of correction.

Lingerie can be with a weak corrective effect, medium or strong. For this, designers use special fabrics with different densities. Due to this, different levels of pressure are applied to the problem areas. Spain produces modern body shaping products that are not only able to make it slimmer and more beautiful, but also help to make the skin elastic and get rid of cellulite.

For women who prefer classic style, designers of fashion houses in Spain have prepared unique elegant collections. They feature traditional cut bras that maximize the amazing beauty of the female form. The products support the chest well, ensuring a flawless fit. To them you can choose trendy slips, hipsters, seductive thongs and other types of panties.

The assortment contains a lot of options for stylish high quality lingerie. It will allow you to always have an attractive and seductive appearance. Every woman can feel like a goddess, enjoying a pleasant feeling of comfort.

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