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Preparing the bride for her wedding night: advice for brides

Brides before weddings are creatures with an immeasurable supply of energy and inexhaustible inner strength. They go on diets, go to beauty salons literally every day, and in between they go shopping and choose the dress of their dreams and shoes. True, sometimes in such a bustle, young nymphs forget about the main thing - on their wedding night, they must also look stunning, and for this one charm will not be enough, you will need beautiful underwear for sex on the wedding night. But what should you choose?

Wedding lingerie for the first wedding night

When choosing your underwear for a wedding, consider the style of the dress, your height, and even how long your legs are. There is no place for newfangled trends, everything is based on your body type and other similar factors. Prefer natural fabrics if available at your local lingerie store. If you think cotton panties are not an option for your wedding night, then look at silk lingerie with lace.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that there are no unpleasant sensations and that it does not stand out under your wedding dress. It will be difficult, but try to combine convenience, naturalness of fabric and beauty in one set. So you will have an extraordinary aura of sexuality and mystery around you. Lace and shiny silk have always excited the minds of men, which turned on a man even before the start of sex on their wedding night. So, let's take a look at several popular options for wedding lingerie for the bride's first wedding night.

Panties & bra set

The most popular option, which is considered a classic in bridal lingerie, is, of course, panties and a bra. This option will suit any dress, and the wedding night can begin immediately after closing the door to the room. In such a beautiful set, you will know your worth and stay with your husband more than confidently, and a push-up bra will beautifully lift your breasts and make them even more seductive, especially if the dress has a deep neckline. That way, your new husband will want you from the very beginning of your first meeting that day.

Corset & Stockings with Garters

A corset and transparent stockings with garters are a very good option for romantic people. This set will further emphasize your sexuality and playful nature. The main thing is not to overdo it with the decor, so that the man does not inadvertently look at the linen so that he would forget about you. The corset will help to emphasize or highlight the waist and, of course, raise the chest. Ties on the back are very useful, but you need to lace yourself up so that the corset does not hinder movement. It is better to leave a couple of centimeters in reserve, because during the day you will also eat, which means that a tightly tied corset will create everything for you for oxygen starvation. Stockings should be without any special patterns, plain and dull colors, because white is the color of purity and innocence, which a virgin bride possesses on her wedding night.

Chemise & Panties

If you want to create a cute romantic look, then a seductive set of chemises and panties will suit you. A beautiful translucent fabric will flow through your body, giving you the outline of an alluring body. Peignoir can be chosen with or without ribbons. A big plus is that the bust, like a bra, has adjustable straps that allow you to fix your breasts in the most advantageous positions. The panties should be in the same color as the shirt, and the whole set is made in one delicate shade. The first wedding night does not tolerate flashy flowers. You can also purchase ready-made kits with a bathrobe made of similar fabric.

Sexy bodysuit

If you are not very tall and want to emphasize all the charms of the figure and stretch out visually slender, but not long enough legs, then a sexy translucent body would be your right choice. Soft underwire cups will support your breasts, and an open back will add more sensuality to your sexy kitty look. If the fabric is elastic, then it is often decorated with beautiful but discreet lace. For more romanticism, choose a bodysuit with satin ribbons at the waist or with a plunging neckline.


A very good option for small breasts, from size 0 to size 2. Such a wardrobe item looks very attractive, making the waist thinner and raising the chest higher.

Since the bustier has very tight seams, they will not allow you to slouch under the weight of all daytime events, which means your posture will be truly royal. You need to choose according to the same principle as a corset: with a margin of several cm.

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