Party Tonight? There are types of lingerie to wear under party dress. 

Finding the right underwear for your party dress can be a tricky feat. You’ve got your low plunge necklines, sheer frocks, figure-hugging bodycons – all adding up to the painstaking task of making sure our underwear remains concealed and hidden in all areas. Thankfully, for every unique cut of dress out there, there’s a lingerie that matches it just right. Here are the 10 types of lingerie that every woman should know about when it comes to party dressing.

Thongs/G-strings Appropriate for: Bodycon dresses and skirts, tight-fitting pants and shorts Let’s start with the obvious. This is the only way to eliminate the odds of getting a VPL (visible panty line) besides going commando – which is entirely at your own discretion. Get one that fits you immaculately, as too-tight thongs can also result in VPLs. Seamless panties Appropriate for: Bodycon dresses and skirts, tight-fitting pants and shorts If g-strings aren’t your thing because it feels like you have a permanent wedgie, try seamless panties that are exactly like underwear, but without the hard seams. They will “melt” into your skin so they won’t show up (hopefully) when you’re in tight-fitting clothes.

Shapewear Appropriate for: Anything tight-fitting and A-line silhouettes What’s a woman got to do when there’s feasting and party dressing involved? Use shapewear, of course. It’s the shortcut to preventing that post-meal bump as shapewear lingerie works like a corset by nipping in the midsection or constricting the upper thighs. Seamless bras

Appropriate for: Tight-fitting tops and dresses Sure we’ve got everything we need to tackle the VPL, but there’s also a less notorious sister we need to note: The VBL (visible bra line). It’s an unsightly strapline or underwire that shows up when you don’t get the right lingerie. Get a seamless or lacey bra and voila, problem solved (plus, you have more cute lingerie)

Push-up bras Appropriate for: Low-cut necklines Some of us need more support to fill out a low-cut neckline. There’s no harm giving your bosom buddies an extra boost with push-ups. So if you’ve got a dress that will look extra good on you with an enhanced cleavage, these bad boys are your best bet.

Convertible strap Appropriate for: Halter dresses, toga dresses and low-back dresses Sometimes we like wearing things with unconventional necklines, but our bras shouldn’t compromise on that front (or back) as some of us really just want that back support for comfort. Try these multiway bras with convertible straps for maximum support and zero visible straps. Slip dresses Appropriate for: See-through dresses If you plan on wearing a sheer lace or tulle number, the everyday essential that is the slip dress is perfect for wearing underneath those tricky (but trending) ‘naked’ dresses. Choose one in satin so that you’re extra comfortable through the night, and to prevent the dress on top from bunching up in places. Low back teddy Appropriate for: Low necklines, low arm holes, high leg slits, halter dresses and low-back dresses Featuring ultra low necklines, and an equally low back, a sexy halter teddy is perfect for revealing dresses that have plunging necklines or really low-cut sides. For dresses that have a high leg slit that rides up the hips, these teddies also have high-cut legs so that it won’t show.

Strapless bodysuit Though strapless bras are undeniably great for strapless dresses, they tend to slide down throughout the night especially if you have a larger sized bust. Strapless bodysuits prevents this while also providing great support.

Enjoy sexy lingerie here:

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