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Panties are another type of women's underwear. And here the designers have done their best, creating a great variety of styles and models.

To begin with, it must be said that according to the size of the side bar, there are three types of panties:

Mini - with a narrow side bar;

Midi - with a middle side plank;

Maxi - with a wide side bar.

Slip is the most traditional model. These panties are perfect for everyday wear. The buttocks in them are completely closed, the cutout of the thigh is high enough, and the elastic band can be located both on the waist and on the hips.

Women's slip-on panties

The variant of slip panties with the highest possible fit is called maxi panties. They often have a corrective effect.

String (string) - the most open model, not covering the buttocks at all. There are several types of such linen:

Women's thong panties

  • V-string – отличаются небольшим треугольником ткани на задней планке;

  • T-string – задняя часть этих трусиков полностью состоит из тесемок;

  • G-string – модель с резинкой, расположенной на бедрах;

  • C-string – уникальная модель, разработанная в первую очередь для купальников. У таких трусиков совсем нет резинки и боковой планки. Они прикрывают только промежность и держатся на теле за счет жесткой конструкции. Такое белье не получило широкого распространения и используется сегодня в основном, как эротическое.

Танга (thong) – внешне похожи на трусики слип, но боковая планка у этой модели очень узкая (резинка или узкая полоска ткани).

Women's thong panties

Brazilian is a compromise between slip and thong panties. The model appeared on the market not so long ago, but immediately gained popularity among customers, since, partially opening the buttocks, it at the same time remains very comfortable to wear.

Women's Brazilian panties

Shorts - this model can be found in several variations:

Women's panties-shorts

Classic shorts - panties with a mid-rise, the front and side parts of which are of the same length.

Thong shorts - as the name implies, this is a kind of mix of shorts and thongs. In such underwear, the buttocks remain open, and the side bar is wide enough. This model has gained particular popularity in recent years.

Hister - low rise panties-shorts.

Boxers - panties with a maxi fit. They look like small sports shorts. Can be decorated with lace trim.

Pantaloons - women's briefs with a high rise and knee length. They often have a corrective effect, tightening the hips and buttocks. They are sewn, as a rule, in a classic color scheme: white, beige, black.


Corrective panties (modeling) - designed to correct the silhouette line. They are made from special dense and elastic fabrics. Depending on the model, they can tighten and lift the buttocks, correct the hips and waist line. A special design, wide elastic bands make such panties invisible under clothes.

Women's Shapewear Panties

When putting on such underwear, you need to remember that it cannot be worn throughout the day, the recommended wearing time is 4-5 hours. Among the models of corrective panties you can find thongs, slips, shorts, pantaloons, as well as panties with a corset belt.

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