Naughty Time in the Lingerie Shop...

I parked the car downtown three blocks from the stores I was intending to visit. I was 17 and really shouldn't be this nervous about going to a lingerie shop but I was. I hadn't seen Eli in three weeks and I was missing him like crazy and I had been kept from going to Paris by my bitchy mother! She had completely lost it when she found out I lost my virginity before marriage and was back together with Eli. She'd packed my bags and shipped me off to grandparents in Ottawa as soon as I got back from Eli's graduation. She hadn't told them what I'd done or about Eli and they were both in their late 70's and slept a lot so I had a lot of time to myself and use of their car. I tried to video chat or at least talk on the phone with Eli every night but he was being kept really busy at his job and I hadn't talked to him in four days. He kept telling me he'd come up for a weekend but he'd always call and cancel at the last minute.

Hence the sudden need for the trip downtown or at least the red light district of downtown. I was hoping that some sexy lingerie and maybe an accessory or two would entice Eli into actually coming home. I planned on asking him to video chat and if he told me he was too busy again I'd take a video of me in whatever lingerie I bought today and e-mail it to him. I walked past two strip clubs and a XXX theatre before coming across the first lingerie shop. It sells more than lingerie as I see bondage and vibrators past the window display but I'm in a strange city and no one knows me here and so no one I know will see me going in. I push the door open and go inside biting my lip and look around a little apprehensively. Then I mentally slap myself and steel my nerves reminding myself that I haven't been St. Clare in a long time and I can do this. Walking to the lingerie section I look around at the selection and start pulling stuff off the racks. A pure white silk baby doll with lace over the bust but it still covers everything, a bright blue teddy with white trim, a red and black corset with garters. I take all three back to the dressing rooms which are around a corner and down a hall past some more sex toys and restraints. I choose to go in the very last dressing room even though the rest of the store is empty other than a couple of employees. I lock the dressing room door and strip down to my panties trying on the white baby doll first.

"No too pure and I doubt that'll entice Eli home." I say to my reflection in the mirror. I take it off and try on the blue and white teddy. "Better but I don't want to give Eli any doubts about coming home." I remark looking at my reflection. Off comes the teddy, I place it back on the hanger and take down the red and black corset. This one is decidedly more complicated than the other two with laces and garters. This one also doesn't cover my breasts, in fact it stops just underneath my breasts kind of like a bra and all it really covers is my torso. "How in the heck do they expect you to put this thing on by yourself?" I question as I try to lace it up in the back while looking in the mirror to see what I'm doing. "Need some help?" A voice questions as the dressing room door opens.

I look up surprised that someone opened the dressing room door at all and utterly shocked to see that it's Owen. He comes in closing the dressing room door and locking it behind him; I'm still too shocked to do anything. Owen looks me over with carnal pleasure and a blissfully lascivious grin. I should be yelling for him to get out or pushing him out or slapping him and yet I find myself smiling at him and dragging my lower lip between my teeth because he's looking at me like I'm the sexiest and most beautiful thing ever right now and no one not even Eli has looked at me that way. Owen takes me by the hips and turns me around so my back is to him as he begins lacing up the corset careful to not pull it too tight. "This is definitely the one you look incredibly sexy but please tell me you aren't going to wear this for Eli? That emo idiot does not deserve you and he especially does not ever deserve to see you looking so terribly hot the way you do right now." Owen tells me as he finishes lacing me up. "I was hoping it would entice him to come visit me for the weekend like he keeps promising." I reply with a baited breath. I know it's very very wrong but feeling Owen so close and me in this thing, his hot breath drifting over my back is turning me on. I bite my lip and stifle a whimper as he goes up right behind me pressing his body against mine and I can feel that he's also turned on. The fact that this is all very wrong and we're in a public place makes it all that much more exciting. "If he sees you in this I will personally tear his eyes out," Owen tells me as his arm comes around my waist and his lips press against my neck. I suck in a pleasured breath as my body shivers of its own accord at the feel of his lips on my skin. "How did you even get in my dressing room?" I question almost under my breath out of sheer curiosity as I find I really can't be mad at him. "My dorm roommate works here and I saw you come in and asked him for the dressing room key," Owen explains. "What are you doing in Ottawa?" He inquires. "My bitch of a mother kept me from going to Paris and shipped me off to my grandparents." I explain as he brushes back some of my hair and kisses the back of my neck making me tremble again. "From what Tris and Maya tell me you aren't missing that much in Paris and lucky me you get sent to the city where I'm going to University. I hear through the Torres grapevine that you lost your virginity on prom night is that true?" Owen whispers against my flesh and my breathing hitches. Owen's hand grazes down my back along the laces and down to my ass where he grips my panties. I can't seem to form words but I manage to nod as I bite my lip. "I think these should come off don't you agree?" He whispers in my ear. Again words are not possible but I nod again, my hands move to try and take them off but he lightly nips the side of my neck and I freeze.

"I got it," he says gripping them harder and then ripping them straight off. I gasp but it gets caught in my throat, my heart pounds and my knees tremble. One of Owen's hands presses gently against the top of my back guiding me to bend forward; I do so bracing my hands in the corner, one against the wall and one against the mirror. His hands go down between my legs and gingerly spread my legs apart. One of his hands reaches up and around my waist finding my clit and pressing gently. I moan lightly and bite my lip a little harder to muffle it. Owen's hands finger my pussy lips, I'm all ready wet and his fingers spread my lips apart and then slide in. I quiver, moaning lightly again as his fingers slide a little farther in and my hips buck. "The fact that an emotional jerk like Eli had the privilege of taking the virginity of a beautifully voluptuous, amazingly hot and sexy girl like you is totally unfair. The fact that he is so incredibly neglectful as to not come here to see you just proves that he doesn't deserve you." Owen says moving his hands deftly and making me tense and quake in marvelous rapture. "You deserve someone that will pay attention to your every need and desire. That would move the world to be with you, someone that gets turned on by the mere sight of you." His fingers move faster and faster, rubbing my clit and pumping my pussy hard. His lips connect with my flesh again kissing every bit of exposed skin I have. It's becoming hard to stand. Then he moves suddenly, his lips leaving my skin and I whimper slightly feeling the loss of his touch. He kneels down, I see him in the mirror, he spreads my legs a little farther withdrawing his fingers from my pussy and making me whimper again. His other hand stays on my clit and his fingers are soon replaced by his tongue. "Oh god!" I exhale trying to grip the wall and mirror but that doesn't work. Owen's tongue darts in and out, twists around and awakens every nerve ending I have. He knows what he's doing and my knees begin to buckle. I bite my lip, rolling it between my teeth and I emit a shuddering moan as I climax. Owen stops rubbing my clit and removes his tongue. I start to collapse but he catches me, holding me close and kissing my neck softly. After a couple of minutes to recover my breath he helps me to stand and turns me to him his arms wrapping around my waist and his lips press against mine. My breathing hitches again but I find myself kissing him back without even realizing it. "That was good but I think you have another one in you, I can go grab a condom they have all kinds here." Owen tells me. I shake my head but not to tell him I don't want to have sex with him because I very much want do. "On birth control," I tell him before taking his lips again. He tastes sweet and his lips are soft, he kisses me with such wonderful tenderness and desire. Owen smiles into the kiss, he turns us, his hands leaving my body and going between us I feel and hear him unzipping his jeans, he pulls them down, his boxers too and I feel his flesh against mine. His hands go under my ass, he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. His rock hard cock finding its target he spears me, I shake in rapturous ecstasy as he enters me. My arms go around his neck and I kiss him harder and with more fervor. He goes in slowly, easing me down carefully, I whimper and moan on a hitched breath. Owen turns and sits on the bench, he starts moving me up and down as he deepens the kiss. My hips begin bucking, moving me along him rapidly. I hunger for him, for his touch like I never have for anyone before. I can hardly breathe we're moving so fast but I don't want to part from his lips. I'm quivering almost uncontrollably now, my heart pounding against his. I'm so far lost into the ecstasy of his ravishment I'm beyond thinking, beyond words, beyond anything but pure carnal instinct and desire. I'm ready to explode and kiss him more frantically as I orgasm yet again. Owen emits a guttural groan into the kiss as he orgasm as well, I feel him shooting into me. I finally pull away from the kiss and take a deep panting breath. Owen holds me close as we continue to shiver in tiny aftershocks of pleasure. My head falls to his shoulder as I pant desperately for air, he kisses my temple softly, his warm breath is soothing. He recovers before I do lifting me up and then he sets me on the bench. He fixes his jeans and smiles at me, his eyes full of lust and pleasure, desire and caring. He bends down and kisses me softly, the kiss lingers until I can breathe again. "That's definitely the one but if Eli or anyone else ever sees you in that I will kill them." Owen informs me. "That was amazing gorgeous," he grins kissing me softly again as he unties the laces in the back and loosens them before leaving the dressing room. I get up closing and locking the dressing room door once more. Taking another minute to fully recover I finally stand and take off the corset. I'm still a little shaky but manage to get dressed again. I'll be buying the corset obviously even if no one else ever sees me in it but I'd say it's been used now. I hang the baby doll and teddy on the rack and go to the checkout counter. "I'll take this one," I tell the guy behind the counter considering the look he's giving me he must be Owen's roommate. "Yep Owen already paid for it, this stuff too and he left this for you. I'm Mike by the way Owen's roommate and you're Clare." Mike says folding my corset and putting it in the bag then handing it to me with an envelope. "Thanks Mike it's nice to meet you," I say blushing a little because I have no idea what Owen told him. Mike smiles at me and I leave the shop walking back to the car, I look in the bag to see a pair of back stitch black stockings and red 4 inch heels. I smile and bite my lip again, my legs quivering slightly as I recall our encounter in the dressing room. Next I open the envelope to see a key and a note that reads: Ottawa University, Laurier Hall, room 202 8pm Rolling my lip between my teeth the fire in my loins is starting to grow already just thinking about the possibilities tonight could hold. I pull out my phone and call Eli; it goes to voicemail as always. "Hey Eli it's me, this just isn't working I'm breaking up with you. Good luck and everything, I wish you the best but I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry but we're through." I hate breaking up with him over voicemail but he never answers Owen is right I deserve somebody that wants to be with me. I get in my car to drive back to my grandparent's house and wonder how I'm going to occupy myself for the next 8 hours.

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