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Lingerie Française: 8 French Lingerie Brands You Should Know

French underwear does not need additional advertising - it was the French women who raised the underwear to a cult, turning it from a functional wardrobe item into an integral element of sexuality. French lingerie largely reflects the mentality of the inhabitants of this country: beautiful, but comfortable (no stiff bodices or chafing lace), restrained, elegant and, most importantly, gives the perfect silhouette.

There is no and cannot be a compromise between the beauty and comfort of underwear, since it is worn, first of all, for oneself, and not for men.

French lingerie

Despite this image, French lingerie brands are often far less well known to American brands that are owned by international conglomerates. And it's a shame, as finding good lingerie is not that easy, and in that sense, French brands do have a lot of expertise.

You can read about how to find and choose the perfect bra in this long read by Victoria Lunina, and if you are interested in French brands, then choose:


This brand belongs to the Simone Perele group, which has specialized in lingerie for many years. Under the Simone Perele brand, classic lingerie is produced, while IMPLICITE was created specifically for younger women. The basis of the line is made up of bralettes - beautiful lingerie without any push-ups for confident girls.


This brand is almost 70 years old, and if initially the brand specialized in socks and functional underwear, starting in the late 70s the company abruptly changed course, starting to produce sexually explicit underwear. This brand is good for shopping lingerie for situations where you won't be wearing outerwear for long. Designers specialize in a cut that perfectly masks flaws and emphasizes advantages.

Maison lejaby

The brand was founded in the 30s, and since then it was Lejaby who introduced many innovations (for example, it was the first to use lycra or launched a line of underwear with the concept of “second skin”). This brand has a good line of beautiful, but very functional and comfortable underwear that gives an excellent fit.


This brand also has a solid history and quality rare for French lingerie - rich experience in the production of bras for large breasts. The most popular sizes in France are A and B, it is not so easy to find good underwear for more serious sizes. In 2011 and 2016, the brand won the award for the best lingerie design, so the company does not compromise between functionality and beauty.


This brand is probably one of the most famous outside of France. It still belongs to the founder's family, although five generations have already been at the head of the company. The main philosophy of the brand is respect for the female body and all its features, and it is reflected not only in the design, but also in the cut of the brand's underwear. The company has patented a special technology that improves breast support without making the bra design heavier, which allows beautiful lingerie to be very functional.


An iconic brand of French lingerie, created in the 40s of the last century, and gathered in the ranks of its fans all French stars of the second half of the 20th century. Very elegant, beautiful and functional lingerie, with a trend towards modern graphic design.


A symbol of French sexuality, a brand that has chosen as its concept a simple philosophy - "like both men and women." The brand has a patented bra cut that provides good breast support and a recognizable pattern.


One of the youngest French lingerie brands, which has already gained a fairly strong position. The concept is comfortable and functional underwear without hard push-ups and other designs ("a woman's body is worthy of respect, not lust"). In the line of the brand, you can find bras for breasts of different structures (wide fit, for example), a wide selection of shapes and cuts.

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