How wearing fancy lingerie can change your mood? 

I Wore Fancy Lingerie for a Week and My Whole Life Changed.

Of course, I totally understand that wearing sexy lingerie with a partner could impact your relationships, but what about when you're single and absolutely not tryna mingle? If a matching bra and underwear set falls to the floor of your bedroom, but no one's around to see it, is it still hot?

Could a $98 thong underneath my Kirkland signature pajama pants be powerful enough to boost my mood if I'm just doing it for myself?

The rules were simple. I had to wear "nice" underwear and see how my mood changed.

I started off the experiment with this black garter belt and thong, and right away, I could feel the difference.

Whether it was the quality of the lingerie or the thought that I had my next weeks' worth of underwear all sorted out, I definitely hopped out of bed in the morning a little peppier.

Wearing nice lingerie didn't completely cure my general anxiety and neuroses from day-to-day life, but the reminders to enjoy the present surprisingly helped.

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