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How to win a man with underwear

Nothing gives a woman such self-confidence as beautiful underwear. Putting on lace and satin, a woman instantly reincarnates. Becomes a graceful, alluring temptress. No man can resist such a cat.

The selection of underwear is a responsible matter. It should sit perfectly on its owner, emphasizing all its advantages and hiding its shortcomings. Moreover, do not skimp on the subject of the toilet. After all, luxury underwear is the strongest weapon when seducing a man. If the item is already selected, the next step should be to go to a lingerie store. Old, washed, stretched underwear is not suitable for such purposes. And in General, get rid of such things, so that you will not be tempted to wear it again.

Men love with their eyes-this is one time. Men like variety – that's two. Based on these simple axioms, a woman can very easily change her images. You will always remain a mystery for your man, which he will want to solve constantly. Beautiful underwear will help you in such experiments.

So, you decided to try on the image of a female vamp. Men like independent, self-sufficient women. But they are also afraid of them. So it is important not to overdo it. Underwear or a corset made of patent leather should be worn only if you know a man and his tastes well. Otherwise, choose black and red lace underwear. In black underwear, a woman's body looks especially tempting. Red color will tell about you as a passionate, devoid of prejudices mistress.

A corset with garters is the best fit for this role. In General, garters, satin ribbons, and brushes look very expensive and fit perfectly into this image. No less spectacular will look bustier and belt. For the bold, you don't have to wear panties. Complement the image of a vamp woman with fishnet stockings, and then, even undressed, you will remain a sexy tigress.

The complete opposite of a vamp woman is a Barbie girl. This image is especially nice to men. A girl with a chiseled figure, lush Breasts and white curls always attracts a man's gaze. At the same time, she is sweet, a little naive, so you want to protect and protect her. She is childish, ready to learn everything a man wants to teach her in bed.

When choosing underwear, focus on white and pink. Garters of the corset can be decorated with bows, stockings must be white, you can be in a net, you can be smooth. Very cute and at the same time insanely erotic look Thong panties. They minimally cover the bikini area. In General, when composing this image, focus on the style of baby doll, that is, girls-dolls. Pay attention to the underwear made of light airy fabrics, with a lot of frills, ruffles, bows. Choose a floral print.

Red-haired beast. This is a female sorceress who knows exactly how to lure a man into her net. At the same time, it is not aggressive, but rather mysterious. The man goes against her will, believing that it is he who sets the tone for their relationship. Underwear for this image should be chosen warm, pastel shades with large prints. Panties-shorts or slips (which completely cover the buttocks) will perfectly fit into the concept of this image. Lubra and grace perfectly complement the image. Fancy patterns, leaves, animal prints on your underwear will Wake up the unruly Amazon. A man will be driven mad in a matter of minutes!

Some types of sexy underwear

Grace, semi-grace-corset without lacing. Hook and eye closure. The length of the grace is up to the line of the hip bones, the half-grace is shorter-up to the waist line.

A bustier is, roughly speaking, a bra and a t-shirt in one set. The purpose of this toilet item is to shape the waist and lift the chest. Therefore, the bustier has bones under the chest and on the sides.

Teddy-resembles a closed swimsuit. This product combines a bra and panties.

Half bra is a bra with an open Cup. The breast remains completely naked, and is supported only by the bones of the product.

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