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How to choose underwear for sleeping

Often women sleep in comfortable T-shirts and pajamas pants or wear their husband's old T-shirt. But underwear should be not only comfortable, but also beautiful and sexy! For every woman, you can choose the perfect style of underwear. How to do this, told the site "Health info".


For fragile and slender girls, a long shirt can be a good choice, which must be selected taking into account the material and color. The sleep shirt should be 100% cotton and pastel shades.


A-line nightgowns emphasize the chest advantageously, while hiding imperfections in the abdomen and hips. This type of underwear fits the bodice, evenly expanding towards the bottom. A suitable material for such underwear is translucent lightweight fabrics, and the shades are red and black. Take a shirt lengthwise that will reach mid-thigh.

Top plus panties-shorts

If your shoulders seem wide to you, then this type of underwear will visually make them narrower. The top should be triangular, pastel colored with chocolate brown edging.

Little black chemise

A charming little chemise, like a little black dress, is simple and graceful. Choose 100% cotton. The shirt should have a V-neck and mid-thigh length. A wide cut at the hips and tapering to the bottom is encouraged.

Top plus slips

If you don't like your thighs, and your legs don't seem long enough, then take the classic slip-on panties that have a triangular shape on both sides. For the top, take a top with thin straps without a cutout. Recommended material 100: cotton. As a rule, in stores, tops and slips can be found in a set, respectively, they will be of the same color.


A girl with large breasts is not recommended to hide her behind the shapelessness of T-shirts! An ideal choice would be a bra with wide straps, as well as shorts or classic slip-on panties. But the main thing here is the color - choose a purple set.

Pin-up style

If a girl's figure looks like an hourglass, that is, she has a thin waist, round breasts and rounded hips, then the ideal choice in this case would be vintage lace lingerie in black shades of color. The bra can be taken with a deep neckline, and the high-waisted triangle panties emphasize the proportionality of the body.

Lace shirt

For thin girls with slender legs, a tight-fitting lace shirt with thin shoulder straps, above the knee length, is suitable. A tight-fitting shirt in red shades makes an impressive effect.

Silk linen

For girls with a thin constitution, reminiscent of a boy's, a silk set from a top with wide straps and loose shorts is best suited. Go for pastel shades. Such underwear is convenient because it can be used not only as pajamas, but also as home clothes.

Striped linen

Also on thin girls, horizontal striped underwear looks good, since it visually adds volume to the figure. Get a sporty top with a crinkle at the back. Panties can be slips or shorts.

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