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French lingerie

What associations arise when the word "French" is mentioned? Refined, elegant, sophisticated ... These epithets fully apply to French linen, the absolute standard of perfection and style.

The French have a saying: "It doesn't matter what clothes you wear, the main thing is what's underneath." Definitely, the importance of underwear is difficult to overestimate; giving an invaluable opportunity in an instant to become slimmer or more magnificent, more mysterious or sexier - what is hidden under clothes is certainly an important tool in forming an elegant image. Having become an integral part of fashion, lingerie, like designer clothes, is produced in autumn-winter and spring-summer collections, the demonstration of each of which certainly begins with a presentation at international lingerie exhibitions in France. Taking into account new trends and constantly improving technologies for the production of fabrics, new trends in the use of colors and finishes, the leading lingerie designers in the capital of world fashion create collections that are incredibly popular far beyond France.

It is noteworthy that it was the Frenchwoman Gauche Saro who invented a completely new element of women's wardrobe, a bra that enchantingly changed the corset with its centuries-old history. Back in 1907, the magazine "Vogue" published the first photographs of lingerie, called "brassiere", later truncated to the more familiar "bra".

The French also own such innovative ideas as the use of elastic fabric for the production of tightening corsets, the invention of the fashion designer Poiret and the magnificent Coco Chanel of panties, as well as the development of a unique lycra fiber by DuPont, which defined a new era in the lingerie industry. Even thongs, which received a second wave of popularity in the late 90s, were worn by the French in the distant Middle Ages, putting on a similar type of underwear under tight-fitting trousers.

In France, the attention to lingerie is so great that the French Knitting and Lingerie Federation was created, which oversees all processes in the world of lingerie production. And the manufacturers of the leading French brands throughout the history of the development of lingerie fashion serve as the standard of design art and flawless fit.

And it is not so important whether you opt for models of one of the most famous brands of French underwear “Chantelle”, famous for the combination of exceptional quality and famous French chic, on the oldest French brand “Etam”, a manufacturer of lingerie made from natural fabrics, or a democratic the DIM brand; you will undoubtedly be delighted with the quality, impeccable fit and exceptional comfort, which determine the undeniable popularity of French lingerie all over the world, making its happy owners elegant and unique.

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