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Erotic lingerie: what's under your skirt?

The role of underwear in the difficult task of creating a harmonious, holistic image of the conqueror of men's hearts is very difficult to overestimate. Underwear performs several functions at once, including ensuring the comfort of the wearer, gentle gentle body and body care and, of course, an aesthetic load. Erotic lingerie is a type of clothing that is difficult to confuse with anything else. It hides much less than it reveals, and at the same time serves as a worthy decoration for ladies' charms.

Erotic lingerie for every day

Beautiful and high-quality underwear, even hidden under clothes, allows every woman to feel beautiful and seductive. And the point here is not at all that putting on a stylish erotic lingerie set, you are ready for love adventures at any moment. Noble fabrics used for sewing erotic lingerie, luxurious lace and amazingly beautiful embroidery, serving as a decoration, give an unforgettable wearing pleasure. Firstly, they are extremely pleasant to the body, and secondly, a stunning set worn under everyday clothes will emphasize your attractiveness better than the highest quality cosmetics and the most stylish outfits. The radiated confidence in your own attractiveness and the wonderful mood provided by this wonderful sensation will make your natural beauty obvious to others and make it reveal itself in all its facets.

Erotic lingerie for special occasions

But the main reason to include several sets of erotic underwear in your seductress's arsenal is traditionally the opportunity to drive a beloved man crazy. Everyone knows that a man does not care what you are wearing - it is much more important for him to be able to take it off. This rule does NOT apply only when it comes to sexually explicit underwear. When going to a meeting with a man, from the memory of whom you feel dizzy, take care of choosing an intimate outfit. This will be a guarantee of self-confidence and a way to demonstrate to him how much he means to you. The erotic lingerie worn by a loved one leaves room for imagination, teases with innuendo and excites more than any pathogen. A beautiful lingerie set is a kind of packaging for the most desired gift. And the pleasure of unrolling the wrapper is comparable to the pleasure of receiving a presentation directly.

Types of erotic lingerie

Erotic bras are an attribute that no outfit for erotic games can do without. Bras carry a double load: they emphasize the natural beauty of the female body and visually adjust its shape so that the figure really looks flawless. Modern fashion has managed to do the impossible: to combine high functionality, versatility and beauty of erotic lingerie. As a result of the efforts of leading fashion designers and simply connoisseurs of ladies' beauty, charming stylish bras appeared on the shelves of fashion boutiques that can present absolutely any breast in a favorable light.

Erotic panties

- the required minimum of clothing, which can proudly claim the title of erotic outfit. Erotic panties are clothes that, due to the characteristics of the cut and fabrics used for sewing, can hardly claim to be functional. But does it really matter when you are wearing a real work of art? Erotic panties do not have strict requirements for the style: with the right filing, thongs, shorts, and bikinis can look exciting. The most suitable materials for sewing them are cool and smooth silk and satin, translucent materials or lace of any type. In terms of finishing, there are also no restrictions: ruffles, frills, lacing, ribbons, bows and rhinestones - the choice is truly huge.

Belts and stockings

- clothes that emphasize the beauty and grace of female legs. Stockings are suitable both for everyday clothes and for a revealing outfit for erotic games with a loved one, so in the arsenal of any girl there must be several models of different colors, textures and densities. Suspender belts provide them with the necessary fixation at the required level, prevent slipping and just look very beautiful and sexy.


underwear for special occasions. The bodice is a bra with a lower placket extended to the waist. Choosing a bodice that fits you perfectly in size and including it in your intimate wardrobe is the fastest and most effective way to make your figure perfect. The upper part of the bodice provides the necessary support for the chest, giving the neckline a very seductive look. The lower part of the bodice is sewn from dense fabric and often has additional rigid inserts, which provides a tightening effect and a visual decrease in body volume. A bodice, complemented by panties and stockings, is an indispensable suit for the bedroom. A bodice worn under a strict jacket or blouse will tease you with the piquancy of the situation all day long and give you confidence in your own beauty.


- a specific type of underwear that has appeared on the domestic market relatively recently. Erotic jumpsuit is a one-piece construction, consisting of tights and a top. For the manufacture of erotic overalls, delicate delicate fabrics, lace and mesh are used, which do not hide beauty and at the same time emphasize the exciting curves and roundness of the body. A lady in this outfit is a real sex bomb.

Erotic bodysuits

clothes that will find a place not only among the outfits for the bedroom, but also in the everyday wardrobe. The bodysuit is a top combined with panties and has a fastener between the legs. The bodysuit can have long or short sleeves, wide or narrow straps, or even bare the shoulders. For sewing, jersey, lace fabric or even a fine mesh can be used. Models made of dense fabric can be used as an addition to a skirt or trousers, and graceful openwork items will become an exquisite erotic outfit or beautiful and stylish underwear.

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