Here are the things I do make time for daily, in order of how I do them, and that might work for you too.

1. Give yourself time to wake up

Instead of rubbing your eyes and jumping out of bed, lay there for two minutes more. Feel your body, stretch your toes. Give thanks for waking to a new day and thank your body for the amazing job it does. 2. Re-hydrate Have big glass of water (or two) after you wake up. There are many benefits for doing this but the main reason I do is because even if you don’t feel like it, your body needs it! You have just gone 7-8 hours without drinking anything! 3. Stretch How good does it feel to stretch!? You might feel good by doing some basic stretches of your limbs, trunk and neck in your bedroom (or shower – just be careful!) or you may prefer to do a more structured routine such as tai chi or yoga. This can take as short or long as you like. Most days I simply do a 5 minute sequence, unless I feel like I need more. 4. Meditate This is one of my favourite things to do. In the beginning it was hard. It was awkward. I was trying to be still and clear my thoughts but my head was in overdrive saying ‘hurry up’. ‘I’ve got to do this, this and this before we can go’. ‘Ohhh I have a meeting at work this morning. ‘Oh gosh I have to make sure I go to the shops in my break to get coconut oil’. ‘Uggh, that bill is due today’… You see where I’m going! It didn’t take long for me to be able to stay in the moment for a little longer, then the next week a little longer, until before I knew it, it was just happening. There are stacks of guided meditations available too, such as Headspace. I really enjoy lighting a beautiful candle or putting essential oils in my diffuser while I am doing this also. Your practice doesn’t need to be for half an hour, anything is better than nothing! I usually aim for around 10 minutes. 5. Journal Straight after meditating I like to journal. More often than not this only takes me 5 minutes as I do the bulk of my journaling at night. In the morning I use my journal to set my intention (or goals) for the day. I also write down my affirmations or ‘I am’ statements such as ‘I am rested and energised’. Of course if there is anything else that I need to get out onto paper at the time, then I will do that too. 6. Spread happiness This usually takes me about a minute. A simple message, text or note to someone to let them know I am thinking about them, or I love them or am wishing them well for something specific such as a birthday or event. Not only do you make yourself smile, but usually someone else too! 7. Make a list I am a notorious list writer. You know the type that writes ‘make a list for x’ on their current to do list? Yes, that’s me. I always feel much more relaxed when I get things down on paper so I don’t need the thought lingering around in my brain anymore. It might include things I need to do or get that day. This only takes a couple of minutes.

Wear a beautiful lingerie and make a cup of tea or coffee. ☕

Enjoy your day!

Make Your Day Sexy

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