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Choosing the first bra for a teenage girl

The growing up of a girl is a gentle transitional period, when the figure gradually begins to acquire femininity. The purchase of the first bra is a very important issue, because the rightly chosen teenage underwear largely determines the harmonious formation of the body constitution.

At what age should you wear a bra?

The number itself does not matter, most often it is 12-13 years old, but everything here is individual and depends on when puberty came. Many girls want a bra because everyone has it, not because of need. You can't refuse your daughter to buy a bra, whether she needs it or not - she will understand herself. From a medical point of view, with a small breast size, a bra is voluntary, and vice versa, for girls with a significant bust, supportive underwear is necessary to avoid health problems. Also pay attention to your daughter, she may be ashamed and not say, but if the girl begins to feel discomfort due to the formation of mammary glands, it is time to choose a bra.

What points to consider when choosing a bra for a teenage girl?

There is special underwear for girls, cups in such bras are designed so that they are close to each other and the bones are somewhat shortened. That is why adult lingerie models are not suitable for a teenage girl. If your breasts are small, a bralette will do - this is a lace top without underwires and inserts.

When support is still needed, you can choose a bodice with a soft cup, you should not be afraid of underwear on the frame, but it is important to monitor the size, since the breast continues to grow and the bones can pinch the lymph nodes.

Some people are wrong when they think that sports tops are a great everyday option for a teenage girl. You need to understand that classic underwear and sportswear are designed for different degrees of activity and breast tightening.

Pay attention to the material!

The ideal option is underwear made of soft cotton jersey.

What style and color should you choose your first bra?

Perhaps the final question that needs to be addressed. Start with a few basic everyday bras that aren't visible under your clothes. It is important that at least one of them is flesh-colored. The best option is to have several different bras that we talked about earlier. If you are at a loss with the selection of lingerie in the store, you can order individual tailoring according to your measurements.

Happy selection of underwear!

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