"Be My Valentine" Advice to men giving the gift of lingerie this Valentine's Day to Beloved One

Size up It may sound obvious, but always find out your partner's lingerie sizing before you go shopping. "If you are really unsure, opt for a baby doll or slip to ensure an embarrassment-free Valentine's Day,".

Bypass boring "Avoid buying white cotton for women!". The same goes for flesh tones and styles that say 'practical' as opposed to 'present', like T-shirt bras and seam-free briefs. Those might be the things she buys for herself, but they're not necessarily what she wants to receive as a gift.

Focus on fabric Similarly, avoid cheaper, scratchy fabrics like nylon and polyester if you can. "Every woman loves the sensual feel of silk, so glamorous lingerie from our exclusive Rosie for Autograph range is the perfect treat,".

Name your price "There are so many great options out there at different price levels now that there's no excuse to buy anything less than beautiful anymore,". "

Think for two "It's important to buy lingerie that you will both like as you want your partner to get as much wear out of the gift as possible," "but bear in mind her tastes and find out her favourite colours or materials if you can."

Don't be afraid to ask for help Though the thought of asking for help selecting underwear for your significant other may be mortifying, it really could save you a whole lot of bother come Valentine's Day - particularly if you haven't done your research. We love to offer advice to make sure you chose the right gifts and interact with female customers every day and so are aware which lingerie sets suit certain skin tones and hair colourings,".

And if you're still stuck… "I think black lace is always a great option as it's normally very flattering and can be worn on an everyday basis,".

Fall in love, make your beloved happy.

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