Are you wearing the right bra size? 

These expert tips are the secret to a bra that's actually ... comfortable.

1. Make sure the bra is snug on the loosest hook. Making sure it's snug even on the loosest hook means it will last longer, because you'll be able to switch to the other hooks as time goes on and the band stretches.

2. Cups should be flush with your bust. To make sure there aren't any unwanted gaps or spillage, the entire breast should be inside the cup. This also helps with support.

3. The band should should be parallel to the ground. It should also line up evenly from front to back. An easy check is to put one finger in between the two cups and the other on the clasp and make sure they feel even. The band is responsible for 90 percent of your bra's support, so it's important to make sure it fits properly.

4. The bra should stay put even if the straps move a bit. Straps should be able to shift up to 1 inch on either side without disrupting the fit of the bra.

Enjoy your bra:

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