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Agent Provocateur: the aesthetics of the most provocative lingerie brand

Beautiful underwear is a guarantee of family well-being, because it can make a man happy much more effectively than borscht. The British lingerie brand Agent Provocateur speaks about this with all confidence, because behind her back 22 years of work to preserve married couples and unshakable female attractiveness.

Having launched a brand of "special" underwear in 1994, the spouses Joseph Corr and Serena Reese embarked on a mission to create an army of provocative agents - seductive and domineering, making the stronger sex weaker by unzipping the dress. For the 90s, it became a real sensation, because earlier such erotic and exciting sets could only be bought in adult stores. “We did not follow fashion and did not seek to satisfy the needs of customers, but tried to convey our personal feelings and create what people needed, but did not know about it yet,” said the founders of Agent Provocateur.

The fact that such underwear is really needed, women immediately realized: sets that went against trends, English conservatism and the propaganda of girlish tenderness made a real sensation in the industry. Five years after the opening of the first boutique in London, the brand had flagships in the largest cities of Europe, and 10 years later, it reached Russia. The reason for this success was not only the "prettiness" and theatricality of the lingerie, inspired by the style of the collections of Corra's mother Vivienne Westwood, but also the adaptation to everyday life. You can easily wear it under a boring office suit and at the same time feel sexy, smiling intriguingly at the male part of the work team. After all, underwear, according to the creator of Agent Provocateur, "should excite and charm not only the one who looks at it, but also the one who wears it."

The brand's slogan “sexuality without days off” reflects the goal of most of its collections - to prepare women for the most unforeseen situations in life. This is illustrated in one of the "Agent" videos, where a girl, accidentally left in her underwear, is chasing a thief. As a result of a sexual chase, the underwear takes over, and the girl returns the stolen handbag. At the same time, she does not feel a bit awkward, because she is wearing Agent Provocateur.

There are brands among the lines that are intended, frankly, for sex. They include not only underwear, revealing all intimate parts of the body, but also various "playful" accessories: masks, stockings, sexy belts, whips, collars and completely transparent shirts. A woman armed with such an assortment will bring any man to her knees and prove that the path to his heart lies behind closed bedroom doors.

In 2000, perfumes were added to the range of Agent Provocateur, which gave a special scent to female sex appeal. The classic woody-musky scent has become synonymous with pleasure, seduction and provocative feelings, and it fits perfectly into the aesthetics of the brand. Subsequently, the perfume line was supplemented with new bottles: the floral AP Fatale with a velvet gardenia and orchid trail, Fatale Intense with a touch of licorice and vanilla and Fatale Pink, an intoxicating combination of saffron and Mediterranean mandarin.

Each of the fragrances makes a woman even more delicious and inviting, but at the same time emphasizes her natural nature. In addition, Agent Provocateur lingerie itself is also appealing, devoid of foam inserts, push up models and other corrective details. The underwear is made of the finest silk and satin, embroidered with French lace, bows and beads, which makes the wearer fall in love with herself for who she is.

This concept was developed by Sarah Shotton, who took over the brand after the collapse of the creative tandem of Korra and Reese in 2007. Sarah, in general, continued to develop the existing policy of the brand, an important component of which has always been PR. The new creative director of Agent Provocateur began to make more themed videos and invite the sexiest girls on the planet to cooperate. Indeed, who will sell lingerie better, if not those whom men look at with lust and women with undisguised envy?

In 2009, the brand's ambassador (after Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss) was the inimitable Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who, with her role in the candid video Love Me Sweetly ... or Something Else, greatly reduced the percentage of men who forget about Valentine's Day. In 2011, the commercial starred an ideal, according to Shotton, provocateur - actress Paz de la Huerta, known for her ingenious acting in the films Choking and Entering the Void. A year later, the sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz were involved in the work, who not only headed the campaigns Agent Provocateur, but also created their own underwear brand "L'Agent" under the auspices of the brand.

However, the scandalous fame of the company was brought not by puffy stars and high-profile collaborations, but by the performances that emphasize its name. Striptease in a boutique showcase, tricks with erotic overtones, half-naked gymnastic sketches and seductive dances at fashion shows - this is "normal" in the context of Agent Provocateur. If Victoria's Secret, with its focus on "girlishness" and innocence, make shows with "angelic" outlets to live sound, then London provocateurs throw parties with nipple tassels and a fountain of champagne. And, surprisingly, these tassels are sold like hot cakes, because even the most modest client of the brand wants to repeat the image she has seen, but on the sidelines of her own bedroom.

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